sandbaggers: Feasible Solution

Feasible Solution
10 Aug 94 08:02:43 -0700

First, I want to thank Arthur for taking on the task of moderating
a list. I really enjoy watching SB and only hope I can keep up
with the fans who know SOooo much!

I do want your opinions on something that has been puzzling me for
a while. In the episode a Feasible Solution, why did Neil react
so abruptly with Willie when Willie returned from Cyprus? Was
Neil really angry that Willie wasted an opportunity in giving
Jill false information (I don't know the correct term when you
give an known plant false information). It seemed to me that Neil
was jealous even though he was in Cyprus and couldn't have known
what had transpired. And just what did happen? Did Willie admire
Jill (seems to me that he did) as a fellow agent or did he harbor
some romantic feelings for her even though he knew her for such a
short time?

As you probably guessed, AFS is one of my favorite episodes and
I'd love to hear what other fans think about it.

Karen Yost