sandbaggers: Re: other roles

Re: other roles

Ernest Adams (
Thu, 5 Jan 1995 01:14:38 -0800

> What are the oddest roles you've seen Sandbaggers regulars in?

Ray Lonnen played a con man in a Lovejoy episode. It wasn't that odd,
really, and he's as handsome as ever -- in fact, I didn't think he had
aged at all.

I had serious problems watching Diane Keen in "You Must Be the Husband."
Laura's dead, dammit!

Never seen Mike, C (Sir James Greenlee), C (John Tower Gibb?), the
second PA, or any of the guys from the Ops room again. Never saw D Int
again, either, but it's no wonder since he took cyanide in Malta.
I don't recall ever seeing any of the guys from the various stations

I did see the first PA (Diane? Sorry, I know it's sexist, but they only ever
answer the phone as "PA to D Ops" and I just can't remember their names)
as a character in a Morse.

I've seen Wellingham in a ton of stuff none of which I can remember.

I think I may have seen Matthew Peele in something else, but his face
is so distinctive I'd know it immediately.

Jeff Ross turns up here and there -- I think he had a (very small) speaking
part in the Hunt for Red October.

Anyone on this list in Britain, and REALLY knows what happened to all these

Hands down oddest role? Roy Marsden playing the "Sussex Vampire" in the
Granada Television version of the Sherlock Holmes story. That was also
by far the worst of those adaptations -- I turned it off partway through.