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Re: Neil's roots

John McGowan (
Wed, 20 Sep 95 09:58:37 PDT

In response to Anton's question...

"Is Your Journey Really Necessary?" refers to Jake's journey,
ended by Denson's bullet to spare him from a "messy" interrogation. It
might also allude to whether his relationship with his girlfriend is
really necessary, or whether his final mission (which he almost did
not go on, as he was about to quit) was really necessary.

It is fascinating that you mention Neil's accent slipping.
In one episode Roy Marsden's accent came out in a few sentences. He
used a few Scottish-sounding "Aye"'s which contrast from the usual
downward-inflecting southern English accent. One of my colleagues (a
Manchester native) tells me this is probably an accent from Durham
or Northumberland in northeast England. Being a California native I
am no expert on such accents, though I do watch much British TV. I did
read somewhere that Roy Marsden played a small part in a Scottish
TV related production, perhaps supporting this geographic theory. What
is Roy Marsden's accent like in "Dalgleish"? I have never seen that
Neil DOES have some amount of decoration in his flat. In fact
he was planning to skip vacation because he needed the money "to have
his flat redecorated," but was instead forced by John Gibbs to spend
the money on a boring trip to Rhodes ["...people who do not rest make