Sandbaggers: First-gen. copies of "Sandbaggers"

First-gen. copies of "Sandbaggers"

Micky DuPree (
Thu, 14 Nov 1996 13:08:57 -0500 (EST)

I have two first-generation sets of tapes of "The Sandbaggers" that I'm
interested in unloading. One set is the complete 20 episodes, all in
NTSC SP on ten T-120s. I'm asking $25.00 U.S. for them, which is what
the blank tapes would have cost a couple of years ago when the episodes
were taped, plus choice of postage. They were recorded off-air from a
PBS Allentown broadcast in late '93 or late '94 and are in pretty good
shape. There is a little ghosting on some episodes, but the signal is

The other set is episodes 1-6 and episodes 13-20 in NTSC SP on 4 T-160s
and 1 T-120. They were taped at about the same time off a PBS San Jose
broadcast and are in quite good condition. I'm asking $18.50 U.S. for
them plus choice of postage. I can make second-gen. dubs of the missing
episodes if desired, for which I would also want the cost of the blank
tapes and postage.

I'm sorry for dropping out of touch for so long. I hope to be able to
make NTSC conversions of "Warship" available in January (the series Ian
Mackintosh co-created and wrote for before he did "The Sandbaggers"),
renew my offer to make PAL and MESECAM copies of SB, and maybe do some
slight updating to the SB FAQ.