Re: pbs and sandbagger programs

Nancy Durgin (
Thu, 27 Mar 97 22:35:40 PST

>Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997 22:21:40 -0800
>From: helen cygnarowicz <>
>Subject: pbs and sandbagger programs
>fellow sandbagger fans:
>i sent a letter to our local pbs station, kteh san jose, inquiring about
>future sandbagger shows. this is the station's response:
>Dear Helen:
>Thank you for your inquiry. The delay in responding was due to our
>research efforts.
>Apparently, "Sandbaggers" has not been offered to PTV in quite some
>time. Should such an offer surface, we will certainly consider it. At
>this point in time, though, we would not have available space in our

A couple years ago (~1994-1995) KTEH ran all of SANDBAGGERS twice. In
fact, some of the tapes that Mickey offered up a while ago for others
to dub from were taped from that airing.

I guess maybe it hasn't been offered to PTV since then?

(Mountain View, CA)

P.S. KTEH is one of the better PBS stations, for showing cool British
stuff, or at least it has been in the past.