RE: Cast Sighting

Adams, Ernest (
Fri, 13 Mar 1998 12:15:17 -0800

I think you'd have to be a flaming fascist NOT to seriously disapprove
of Burnside's methods. They're both undemocratic and cruel. Consider the
first episode, where he threatens to have Alan Denson's fiancee falsely
arrested for shoplifting and prostitution in order to break them up,
which undoubtedly contributed to her suicide.

Burnside is an ideologue who is certain that he is right and everyone
else is wrong. In his position, he's a deeply dangerous loose cannon.
That is the point of the series.

What, precisely, was the Carter administration supposed to do about
Afghanistan? Invade for the rebels, so that Russian and American
soldiers would be shooting at each other? Afghanistan was the Soviet
Viet Nam -- a long, debilitating, and ultimately fruitless war. It
provided a lot of valuable intelligence about the strength of the
Russian military. The outcome of that mess was about the best that
America could have hoped for -- it weakened Russia's credibility and the
Communist Party's grip on power. Two years after their withdrawal from
Afghanistan, the Soviet Union was dissolved.