Re: Neil & women!
Sat, 05 Jun 1999 12:58:33 -0400 (EDT)

> I really like Roy and admit to never having even SEEN the man before
> Sandbaggers. But, I know what I like and I managed to finally snag all
> the episodes and I love the character too. I wouldn't want to live with
> him (except sometimes!) but I love the way he manipulates and maneuvers
> around people. Yikes - he's a bastard sometimes but that's part of his
> charm.

My "intro" to MArsden was one of the dramatisations of a PD James novel,
"A Taste for Death." I became addicted to the guy and managed to acquire
videos of every Adam Dalgliesh film. Then someone told me about this
list, and pointed me towards someone else who was able to send me copies
of the entire series, albeit rather 8th generational ones! I've seen
Marsden in 2 or 3 other series or one-offs, and he's truly a versatile

As for Neil, I think women (both fictional characters and we female fans)
are attracted to him for 2 reasons: first, we feel this half-maternal
concern for him, that he's had a bad marriage, then lost his girlfriend
(we tend to conveniently overlook the fact that he all but killed her
himself!), and secondly, there's a power thing here. I think we'd like to
be able to control this guy who is so obviously a dictator and powermonger

Physically, the blue eyes aside (and these are b&w tapes), he's no great
shakes, and the toupee has been likened to a squashed spider. I do not
like spiders; ergo, he should go bald!

> That's my two cents. :)Loretta

Two more cents from moi!