Re: last three episodes

Loretta Greco (
Sun, 13 Jun 1999 20:25:59 -0500

Sander Lee wrote:
> I just accidently taped over the last three episodes (Sometimes We Play, Who
> Needs Enemies, Opposite Numbers). Would some kind soul be willing to make a
> tape for me? I would of course be happy to pay for the tape, shipping, time,
> etc.
> BTW, in rewatching, I find Jeff Ross' transformation from trusted friend to
> cynical operator somewhat jarring. In the early episodes he seems to be
> Burnside's most trustworthy ally, but later he steers Wallace into almost
> certain capture. Makes me wonder if his matchmaking between Karen & Neil was
> just an attempt to get one of his operatives in Burnside's bed to pick up
> info.
> Thanks,
> Sander Lee
> Ashuelot, New Hampshire

I agree with you, Sander. I really like Jeff but he did get wonky
toward the end - he certainly wasn't acting like he was on Neil's side.
The little snot - made me want to smack him one!

Sorry, got carried away there!!!!!!!!