1940's teenager Ruth Landis

1940s with her High School friends

Glamour shot from the mid 50's

1957 Newly Weds David & Ruth Kyle

1957 Honeymoon and London Worldcon

April '61 - Aboard the TS Bremen

'62 - Ruth, David and baby AC makes three

Early 60's - WOW!

Mid 60's - aboard the Franconia en route to England

At a Con in '71 - photo by Jay Kay Klein

'72 - the family at "Two Rivers" England

70s - in the kitchen at "Two Rivers" England

Antiquing in England, late 70s

At sea late '70s

Mid 80s with son AC and husband

'79 or '80 in the Huckster Room

'89 convention photo by Jay Kay Klein

Late 80s - laughing with her son

Selling her Fantasy Eggs

Summer 2010 - In Rehab

Summer 2010 in Rehab

In the hospital Dec 2010
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