sandbaggers: Re: Some questions

Re: Some questions

James D. Konkel (
Thu, 11 Aug 1994 09:12:40

>Just for fun, a few questions to chew over and help get the list started:
>1) The all-time biggie: is Willie dead?
>2) Was the "hutch" Willie & Mike's office, or was it the Ops Room? Why was
>it called the hutch? Rabbits are kept in hutches, and in America a hutch
>is also a piece of furniture, generally open shelving, that sits atop a
>buffet along a wall in the dining room, and usually contains dishes.

Yes the "Hutch" was Willie & Mike's office. Other conotations are

>3) What's so special about Malta, for heaven's sake? Cheap location
>to film in?

Sounds good to me!! :)

>4) Where were the "eastern europe" locations (Sofea, etc.) actually shot?
>5) Why shoot Laura Dickens? Why not just cut the deal with the French, then
>renege on it later? Or pass them false or outdated information? That would
>certainly be Burnside's style.
>6) Was the SIS a branch of the Ministry of Defence? I think so, but I don't
>recall exactly. Also, were the Sandbaggers Neil's ONLY responsibility, or
>was he responsible for operations (as D. Ops) in all the local stations
>around the world as well?

I would guess that all ops with emphasis on SB.

I too am gratified that this mailing list has been born. I just wish
the shows were still on the air here in my area of the States. Has
there been any talk of reviving the series?

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