Neil & Morality

Mark Gardner (
Sat, 4 Oct 1997 08:07:05 -0400

I agree with Tim on what he said, but also on another level.

In a very real sense, SB demonstrates government at its most dangerous.
Burnside believes that **HE** has a grasp on the real world situation and
that his bosses are out of touch with reality, either due to their
ineptness or to their political greed. Convinced that he is right (both
factually and morally), Burnside then goes on to violate any rule/law he
chooses. This show, as greatly scripted and acted as it is, shows all its
viewers that many in government still believe that the "end justifies the
means." That belief is a greater threat to freedom, liberty and justice
than communism ever was, or anything else ever will be. That reasoning has
allowed police to break down the doors of anyone they think is doing
something wrong behind them. To use torture to get confessions when the
cops "know" that the suspect in custody "really" committed the crime, and
then deny in court ever having put a finger on the suspect. It has allowed
the U.S. government to kill hundreds of sailors from across the world when
it mined the ports of Nicaragua in an attempt to bring down a corrupt
government. Every national power fall victim to this belief, from the U.S.
to the U.K. to the U.S.S.R. (perhaps not Canada though).

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> I'm glad to read that our UK listmembers will be able to see SB again on
> Something I've been thinking about lately is how personally doomed the
> Special Section was with Burnside as its director. Over the course of 20
> episodes, only Mike was still standing when the dust cleared. Neil
> mentioned how rare it was for a Sandbagger to be killed in the line of
> until his tenure as Director began.
> My question is: was it worth it? Maybe we can't even judge, but to me the
> huge waste in human lives is unforgiveable. One expects SIS to be a more
> dangerous career than other jobs, but good Lord, look at how all of
> Burnside's people paid very high prices for working with him. I love SB
> the more I see it over the years the more uncomfortable I feel about
> management of the section. Or maybe I'm just getting old :-)
> Tim