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> I agree with Tim on what he said, but also on another level.
> In a very real sense, SB demonstrates government at its most dangerous.
> Burnside believes that **HE** has a grasp on the real world situation and
> that his bosses are out of touch with reality, either due to their
> ineptness or to their political greed. Convinced that he is right (both
> factually and morally), Burnside then goes on to violate any rule/law he
> chooses. This show, as greatly scripted and acted as it is, shows all its
> viewers that many in government still believe that the "end justifies the
> means." That belief is a greater threat to freedom, liberty and justice
> than communism ever was, or anything else ever will be. That reasoning has
> allowed police to break down the doors of anyone they think is doing
> something wrong behind them. To use torture to get confessions when the
> cops "know" that the suspect in custody "really" committed the crime, and
> then deny in court ever having put a finger on the suspect. It has allowed
> the U.S. government to kill hundreds of sailors from across the world when
> it mined the ports of Nicaragua in an attempt to bring down a corrupt
> government. Every national power fall victim to this belief, from the U.S.
> to the U.K. to the U.S.S.R. (perhaps not Canada though).
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Canada's history demonstrates that it did fall victim to that particular
form of paranioa, especially in the 30's, but also in the 40's and 50's.