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Wendy & Dave Laing wrote:
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> > << Suddenly the rug is pulled out beneath Neil's
> > feet when Laura dies. Thus begins the gradual 'disintegration of Neil
> into
> > 'isolation' both physically & mentally from fellow human contact. >>
> >
> > JKh replied:
> > True -- but remember that it was Neil who pulled that rug! He was no
> > innocent victim of lost love. He had Laura killed, because duty came
> first.
> > Reminds me of Tina Turner's song.........."What's love got to do with
> it???"
> > (Now I'm really dating myself--maybe no one here even remembers that one!)
> >
> > JKH
> >
> Well I remember that song too!! (he he) On the rug pulling part...That's
> exactly my point! Neil's unbending adherence to duty, makes him pull the rug
> on himself! ( I should have made that clearer in my first comment! *smile*)
> It's the old tale of not being able to make a commitment to any permanent
> love life or home life. He was acting like a 'besotted schoolboy,' desiring
> a beautiful woman that he knew that he most likely would never get! Laura,
> in her own way was also drawn to Neil, ( also through sexual attraction &
> also growing respect) As a result, she committed herself to the Sandbaggers
> team, which in turn put her into danger & eventual death, (ironically
> through the pointing of Neil's finger!) The irony is brilliantly portrayed &
> scripted! It's his blind commitment to the Sandbaggers, and the lasting
> guilt & effects of Laura's death which turns Neil back into himself. I think
> that such complicated & fascinating characters such as Burnside is what
> makes the SB series so fascinating!
> I now await for further 'broadsides' *smile*
> Wendy


I haven't much opportunity to reply but I sure have enjoyed all the
diaglogue about Laura and about getting tapes.

I stumbled onto the Sandbaggers about 3 years ago thinking that Willie
was kinda cute. I'd seen a Sandbaggers newsletters or something and
thought, hm, not bad. Then I managed to snag the first 6 episode at a
Trek convention here in Milwaukee. It took exactly 10 minutes into the
first episode and I was hooked! Just what I needed - another fandom.
The funniest part was that I thought I was going to get hooked by
Willie. One look at Neil Burnside and I was completely entranced.

What a show. I have since managed to have a girlfriend tape episodes
7-20. What a show! I love it.

I would like to bring up another character. What does everyone think of
Jeff Ross? Was he Neil's friend? Or did he merely use him as much as
Neil used him? I found their relationship fascinating.

Hopefully, I haven't bored you all to death. I'm heading to MediaWest
at the end of this month and hope to connect with Sandbagger friends
there. Any of you going?

Cheers. Loretta