FW: chauvinism in SB?

Timothy Keirnan (tim@denver.net)
Thu, 15 Jul 1999 07:48:22 -0600

Tim here again. I had no idea there was a UK series like Man About the
House, but I'm not surprised at the lack of creativity in American tv
studios back then. My point was that Three's Company stands out in my memory
of that period as an example of many US shows which seemed to avoid giving
women roles of any depth such as we find in SB. Instead, women were given
somewhat absurd roles based on how well they could jiggle rather than act. I
don't mean to say no female roles of quality existed in America in the 70s,
just that I can't remember any to compare with the women of SB. Long live SB
which, even though it was a male dominated story, had interesting female
characters who weren't useless ornaments.


>From: Music Department <pnm@u.washington.edu>
>To: tim@denver.net
>Subject: Re: chauvinism in SB?
>Date: Thu, Jul 15, 1999, 12:13 AM

>OK, at last somebody has provoked me out of "lurker" status on this
>group. With reference to "1970s chauvinism", Timothy Keirnan said:
>>When you rememeber that drivel
>>like "Three's Company" was popular in the US while SB was running,
>Yes, point taken, but let me remind you that "Three's Company" was
>basically a remake (most episodes from the first series, at least,
>almost word-for-word from the same scripts) of "Man About the House",
>a UK sitcom which had run its course by 1975. So what does this prove?
>That the US was culturally five to seven years behind the UK at that
>point in history? Or simply that The Sandbaggers wasn't a sitcom?
>Jerry Kohl