sandbaggers: Unfortunate position...

Unfortunate position...

Andrew Charles MacKenzie Allen (
Thu, 8 Sep 1994 11:24:17 -0400

Sandbaggers Aficionados,

I am in the unfortunate position of not having any
access to the shows I used to enjoy. I have only seen
about four or five episodes, so I would appreciate any help
in getting some copies. I will pay for the tapes and postage,
of course.

This is the format I use:

1. VHS tape
2. NTSC standard (U.S.A. and Canada)

I don't need the episodes all at once, so an enormous
amount of time would not be required all at once. I would
like to have the shows in chronological order on any given
tape; but beggars can't be choosers (sandbeggars?).

Can anyone out there help me in this regard? Thanks
for your time, everyone.


Andrew C. M. Allen EMail:

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