Re: Neil and Willie/Tapes

Ken Crist (
Thu, 05 Feb 1998 12:44:29 -0500

> Remember the episode with Willie and Karen on the hijacked plane? Neil
> absolutely insisted that they had to set a rescue effort -- no matter
> how futile -- in motion, because Sandbaggers had to have absolute
> confidence that he would use every means available to extricate them
> from trouble. At the end, when Willie and Karen rescued themselves,
> Willie matter-of-factly asked Neil what type of rescue had been planned.
> Neil was definitely unlikeable, but he did merit the loyalty.
> - David

One thing you have to keep in mind are the hints we get that Neil
was quite a different person before he became D-Ops. It is quite likely
that Neil and Willie were much closer when they were Sandbaggers because
Neil was not so standoffish. Neil had been married and very much in love
before his promotion. It is not hard to imagine he and Neil as being good
friends even though Neil had been an officer and Willie a "mere" sergeant.

Ken Crist