Re: laura

Gayle Feyrer (
Sun, 2 May 1999 13:09:39 -0700 (PDT)

> Mark wrote:
> Yes, I agree... I only meant to say that "Special Relationship" is a
> pivotal episode in terms of Neil's character. It's not my favourite. I
> think I would vote for Who Needs Enemies, The Most Suitable Person or A
> Question of Justice or the one where Willie is acting D-Ops while Neil
> is in Rhodes (title escapes me). I have to say All in a Good Cause is my
> least favourite of the bunch. Although even the weakest episodes have
> lots of wonderful moments. And Enough of Ghosts... yes. Right title.
I agree with you completely that it's pivotal, and I like the
various ways it's referenced in the show. The other comments were just
tossed out to stir up response.

The Most Suitable Person is an excellent ep - I love the whole
Laura arc, except the one where she plays mata hari, though its fun to see
her to the car crash stuff. I do have trouble believing Laura as an
action heroine, she's very graceful, but doesn't have a feeling of
physical resilience. It would be easier to picture Marianne with the sort
of training Laura's supposed to have undertaken - she seems physically
more feisty, though they're both sharp intellectually.

There are only a few eps I don't like. I find Anna Wiseman
deadly dull. And the first ep is quite weak, though the absurdity of the
Norwegian situation is intriguing.

The second and third (Is Your Journey Really Necessary?) eps are also
particular favorites. I can never remember the name of the second one.
I just call it "The Assassination Bracelet."